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The Process: Asian Companies

1. Retain Epicentre Ventures

1. Retain Epicentre Ventures

Generally, the Asian Company will retain Epicentre Ventures to find investors in North America for a specific Investment Opportunity in writing.

Unless otherwise agreed, any fees associated with the retainer are paid at the start of this relationship.

2. Set Out Investment Criteria

2. Set Out Investment Criteria

The Asian Company will outline to Epicentre Ventures the investment criteria for the Investment Opportunity in writing. Unless otherwise agreed, this criteria includes all financial terms of the commercial relationship between the Asian Company and the North American investor (e.g. the Application Fee, Initial Fee and any other fees associated with the commercial relationship).

3. Due Diligence Process

3. Due Diligence Process 

Epicentre Ventures will solicit Applications from potential investors regarding the Investment Opportunity and will forward all Applications to the Asian Company for their review. Epicentre Ventures will provide preliminary comments on to which Applications ought to be shortlisted.

The Asian Company may retain Epicentre Ventures to conduct further due diligence. Once that due diligence is conducted, the Asian Company will be responsible for making the final decision as to which Application to proceed with.

4. Commencing the Commercial Relationship

4. Commencing the Commercial Relationship

Unless otherwise agreed, Epicentre Ventures will play no further role after the Asian Company and the investor commence a commercial relationship.

The Asian Company has the option of continuing to appoint Epicentre Ventures as its agent in North America to ensure the investor complies with all terms of the commercial relationship.