Epicentre Ventures

International Business Consultants

The Process: North American Investor

1. Express Interest

1. Express Interest

If you are interested in an Epicentre Ventures opportunity, you will first contact Epicentre Ventures to express interest in the opportunity.

Once completed, we will schedule an initial conversation with you to discuss the key details of the opportunity and answer any initial questions you may have.

2. Submit Application

2. Submit Application

If you remain interested in the opportunity, you will submit an Application to Epicentre Ventures which will be shared with the Asian Company.

Unless stated otherwise, there is an Application Fee of $350 Dollars.

3. Due Diligence Process

3. Due Diligence Process 

The Asian Company will shortlist at least 3 Applications to conduct further due diligence.

During the Due Dilgence Process, all financial representations in your Application will be verified. In addition, the Asian Company will assess the commercial viability of the business model proposed in your Application.

All shortlisted Applicants will be expected to pay a Due Diligence Fee of $2,500 Dollars prior to the commencement of the Due Diligence Process. This Due Diligence Fee will be applied towards any Initial Fees as described below.

4. Commencing the Commercial Relationship

4. Commencing the Commercial Relationship

The Asian Company will be solely responsible for approving your Application. Any commercial relationship between you and the Asian Company will be in writing.

Unless otherwise agreed, all Initial Fees will be expected to be paid prior to the commercial relationship commencing. You can expect these Initial Fees to be at least $3,500 Dollars after the Due Diligence Fee is applied.